The Cure for Cancer within our Grasp?

First in order to find a cure for cancer we must find out what exactly canceris. In other words “you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been”. According to, cancer is a growth outside the control of the body and seven things must occur within the body in order for cancer to grow. These are genetic instability, abnormal gene expression, abnormal and autonomous cell signal transduction, abnormal cell-to-cell communication, angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis, evasion of the immune system. Once this has occurred, the body is essentially primed for cancer growth. But this doesn’t give us an answer to the question of why these things happen in the first place. And this is the million dollar question.

The World Health Organization came out with a report that warned that by 2020 cancer rates could increase by up to 50%. Also in that same article we are told that one third of all cancers worldwide can be prevented simply by implementing a healthy lifestyle. But what is a “healthy lifestyle”. Eating right and exercising is the generally accept answer, but according to, an analysis of the fitness industry showed that since the 1970s fitness has literally exploded in America. During the turn of the century the industry was described as having “a period of enormous growth”. By 2008, there we 29, 636 fitness clubs across the nation up from 16,963 in 2000. An estimated 41 million Americans belong to fitness clubs. Furthermore, as of 2007 over a quarter of Americans were said to be on diets in some form or another.

So then why the increase rates in cancer? If the WHO’s report is correct shouldn’t these instances be going down? After all the numbers prove that Americans are becoming increasingly aware of their health. Yet for some reason obesity rates, cancer rates, and heart disease are at an all time high and continue to soar year after year. There must be another reason for this.


Since the 1800s sugar consumption has been increasing at an astronomical rate. According to, if the current trend continues we will hit a time where sugar will equate to 100% of our diet. Today the average American consumes 22g of sugar a day. The recent documentary FED UP, warned that sugar is a public health crisis that will lead to an unprecedented 95% obesity rate within the next two decades. Furthermore, the alternative cancer clinic Nature Works Best in a recent study found that sugar literally fuels cancer and that though their interventional strategy has manage to produced a 90% cancer cure rate though ALL stages of cancer. This strategy is said to use 100% natural and alternative cancer treatments coupled with the elimination of all forms of sugar from their patients diets.

So is the elimination of sugar from our diets the cure for cancer? The numbers certainly suggest it. For me the study of patterns in health through history yields interesting answers to these questions all it takes is to look from the right perspective.

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